Sea Eagle SE6

Imagine a craft that is as fast as an aircraft and travels from where you are to where you want to be, more comfortably, quickly and much more efficiently than either a boat or a plane. Welcome to the world of Wing In Ground effect (WIG) craft. We prefer to call them Sea Skimmers, because that describes what they do, better than WIG. Sea Skimmers are marine craft, boats if you like, that skim along just a few metres above the sea surface and this technology is now available for you to own.

length: 12.5 m
width: 11.5 m
height: 3.5 m
empty weight: 1220 kg
max. fuel capacity: 180 litres
maximum payload: 700 kg each
take-off distance: 300 metres
cruise speed: 130 km/h
maximum speed: 150 km/h
power plant: 300 hp Lycoming IO-540
max. take-off wave height: 0.5 metres
max. landing wave height 1.0 metres