Passenger Transport

Inter Island

With global community spreading further and further from the cities and onto the islands and archipelagoes, the need for fast, efficient and reliable transport has never been greater and is going to increase as time goes on. Conventional transport is either slow or expensive in our fast moving world. Sea Eagle offers an alternative that needs no infrastructure beyond a smooth beach or jetty. Also in developing countries where inter island travel and trade was difficult or impossible before, Sea Eagle offers an alternative that opens many more possibilities for trade and transport.


As the uses and acceptance of Sea Skimming Machines grows, so also will the size of craft available to the market. One of the beauties of Sea Skimmers is that the larger the craft is the more efficient it becomes, so it is realistic to envisage that the future will see Sea Skimmers many times bigger than aircraft to fill the niche between slow ships and expensive planes. Already craft have been built for military applications of over 500 tons.

Water Taxi

The need for faster commuter transport around populated harbors has never been greater and growing. If we consider that nearly all major cities of the world are located on waterways, the market for water based transit is enormous.

Cargo Transport

As Sea Skimming craft fill a niche between ships and aircraft, they will be able to better serve the needs of the consumers that have for too long not been able to trade to maximum effectiveness. If we consider the applications below, in particular the seafood and fresh produce, the produce would still be able to get to market in prime condition but a fraction of the cost.

  • Fresh Produce
  • Seafood
  • General Perishables
  • High value Exports

Military Applications

There is almost no need to discuss the obvious military advantages of sea skimming craft. With the almost stealth characteristics and low flying stability, insertion and retrieval of personnel being deployed on home shores with the ability to be at a hot spot anywhere in the world, fully equipped within 24 hours, has incredible cost saving potential to any military power. With sea skimmers not needing any major infrastructure as long as there is a beach or port, personnel and equipment can board with ease.

  • Ship Launch Facilities
  • Fast Landing Craft
  • Fast supply Craft
  • Low Radar Signature
  • Low Infrared Signature
  • Difficult to Detect on Satellite
  • Fast Troop deployment
  • Ability to Operate From Land or Sea