Benefits of WIG

The Sea Eagle bridges the gap between maritime and air transportation. Classified as a Class B WIG Craft Class B(Wing-in-Ground Effect Craft) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Sea Eagle is basically a hybrid between a boat and an airplane, combining the benefits of both worlds while eliminating most of their disadvantages. We are one of the primary WIG manufacturers in the world that has achieve Class B Wing in Ground Effect status. Our Sea Eagle can withstand inter sea travel, and can do dynamic jump up to 50 meter above the sea.

Sea Skimming Wing-in-Ground effect crafts skim very low over the water, typically at a height of 10 to 50% of their wing span. Due to the pressure increase under the wing at these low altitudes, the lift generated is up to 80 % greater than when the wings are out of ground effect, and the aerodynamic drag is almost eliminated. This double effect makes Sea Skimming crafts extremely efficient vehicles, requiring significantly less fuel than an aircraft needs to cover the same area, with the same payload.

Ground effect as a theoretical category is an asymptotic value which decreases with increase of altitude. Theoretically it reduces to zero at very high altitudes. For practical reasons, the IMO has determined that a craft is considered to be in ground effect when its altitude is equivalent to 50 % of the average of its wing chord.

Sea skimming WIG craft:
  • reduces the cost of licensing of the craft.
  • reduces the cost of the hull, using marine regulations, instead of aircraft.
  • reduces the ownership cost by up to 40% of a similar seaplane.
  • reduces the infrastructure costs
  • reduce the fuel cost by up to 75%,
  • reduces the maintenance cost